Micro evolutionary changes

Analyse how an accumulation of microevolutionary changes can drive evolutionary changes and speciation over time, for example
– Evolution of the horse
– Evolution of the Platypus


Micro evolution vs macro evolution.

Micro evolution occurs on a single species scale over a relatively short period of time, for example the platypus developed its. Macro evolution occurs across many species on a much larger time scale. For example the evolution of humans from fish with numerous other species branching out.

3. Describe the 5 evolutionary stages of the horse and the platypus overtime leading to the evolutionary change and 

Specialization is the formation of new and distinct species over the course of time in the process of evolution. For example specification occurred in the horse when it changed from eohippus to mesohippus.

The History and Evolution of the Horse and Pony - NYK Daily
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The above 5 evolutionary stages for the horse are:

After 200-year quest, scientists finally unravel the bizarre ...
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Four evolutionary processes result in micro evolution, these are mutation, selection, gene flow and genetic drift. We will go into more detail about the latter two in future lessons.


Question 1

Contrast micro and macro evolution. [2 mark]

Question 2

Define speciation and provide an example. [1 mark]

Question 3.

Explain the micro evolutionary changes and their selective pressures which resulted in the horse or the platypus. [4 marks]

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