The scientific Method

  • Aim:
  • Hypothesis:

Criteria for a hypothesis

A hypothesis should be developed in response to previous research. It should be a testable and falsifiable statement which predicts the change of an independent variable and the result on the dependent variable followed with brief reasoning.

Common scaffold’s for a hypothesis include:

If [independent variable] then [depndent variable] will… because [reasoning] 

If … and … then …

  • Materials:
  • Method:
  • Diagram:
    • Make sure it is :
    • large
    • Drawn in pencil
    • 2d
    • Ruler is used
    • Labelled
    • To scale roughly
  • Risk assessment
    • Use a table and mention the risk, hazard and severity
  • Results table
  • Results plotted on an appropriate graph
  • Discussion
    • Mention how you could have improved the experiments – there are always limitations
    • State what the trend is
    • Try to explain the results
    • Identify and try to explain errors
  • Conclusion
    • Relate this back to the hypothesis, did it confirm or deny it
    • Relate back to the aim
  • Reference list

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