Year 11 HSC physics practice Quiz. 30 marks – 45 mins

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of models in physics [6 marks]
  1. When a cup is placed on a rug, then the rug is pulled away, the cup can remain stationary. Explain the physics behind this. [4 marks]
  1. A 1000kg car travelling 36 km/h, collides with a 2000kg car travelling 40 km/h in the opposite direction. Once the collide they stick together. What type of collision is this and what is their final velocity. [3 marks]
  1. A 2 kg rock is dropped from a 10 m high building. What is the force on the rock from the ground is it comes to a stop in .4 seconds? [4 marks]
  1. Name Newton’s three laws and provide an example of each. [3 marks]
  1. Contrast quantitative data and qualitative data providing an example of each. [2 marks]
  1. Explain why shaking a tree back and forward is an effective way of harvesting fruit. Link this to a wine cup and a child being pushed on a swing. [6 marks]
  1. Explain what would happen if you jumped on a bus travelling at constant velocity. [2 marks]

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