Physics Module 3 Waves Review exam

Module 3 review questions

  1. Two loudspeakers are playing the same frequency sound in phase with one another. At point p, equidistant from both speakers, the sound is at a maximum.
  1. Explain why the sound is at a maximum? [ 2 marks] 
  2. At point q, the next point that is a maximum, the sound from speaker A travels 1.5 m, while the sound from speaker B travels 1.7 m. If the speed of sound in air is 340 m/s, what is the frequency of the waves being emitted? [3 marks]
  3. Would you expect there to be regions where there is no sound is speaker a is double as loud as speaker 
  1. Contrast reflection and refraction, using an example of each. [2 marks]
  1. Will adding water to a wine glass change the time it rings out for, why does/ does not this occur? [4 marks]
  1. You are stuck at sea, you have no way of knowing how big the swell is, however, you don’t care about drawing so you want to work out the length of the waves. You have a watch and are bobbing up and down in the incoming waves. How can you work out the size of the waves. [4 marks]
  1. Sound travels at 341 m/s, you yell into a valley and hear an echo 4 seconds later. What is the distance to the wall which the sound echoed off?
  1. Define a mechanical wave with examples. [2 marks]

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