Writing a band 6 Thesis


All essay’s require a thesis. The purpose of the essay is to argue the thesis.

Short overview of Essay Structure.

The thesis should be the first 2 sentences in your introduction. Your 2 – 3 themes will then be in be presented in support of your thesis. You should show the logical flow of these themes and their link to your thesis. Following this, it is a good idea to provide a short overview of your text/s (approx. 1 sentence each).

The body paragraph’s should contain a statement, each relating to one of your themes that you presented in your introduction. Following this, you should use the technique, example, effect with constant reference back to how the evidence you are giving supports your statement and thesis. Conclude each paragraph by rephrasing your statement with a link back to your thesis. Aim for 2-3 of these in an essay.

Finally, your conclusion is a chance for you to leave a memorable mark on your marker. Rephrase your thesis and demonstrate how this links back to your themes. Finish with a concluding statement.

We will keep revisiting the structure of an essay. We will now work on writing a band 6 thesis.

Some ground rules for a thesis

  1. It is never enough just to repeat the question.
  2. Don’t be vague or to ambiguous
  3. Don’t go into an exam with a pre-prepared thesis, practice writing theses so you actually answer the question being asked
  4. It is ok if you don’t mention your text in the thesis statement
  5. A thesis should be 2 sentences long

Examples of quality theses

Question 1.

Conflict invites individuals to share a common human experience and draws people together.

Evaluate this statement making reference to Billy Elliot.


Question 2.

Storytelling acts as a vessel to unite individuals through highlighting the harsh truth of the human condition.

To what extent do you agree with this statement? In your response, make reference to Billy Elliot.



Now have a go at writing theses for the following essay questions.

Question 1.

Human emotions empower us to achieve our most ambitious goals.

Evaluate this statement making reference to Billy Elliot.

Question 2.

Evaluate how Stephan Daldry uses metaphors to represent the resilience of individuals in challenging situations. In your response, make reference to the text.

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