Inclined plane and banked Curve HSC Questions

Banked Curve HSC Questions often require students to approach the problem from a mathematical perspective. The good news is this can be learnt using a method which repeatable and can be systematised. This way you get the right answer every time.

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An inclined plane and banked curve problem can be approached in the following way:

The formula to remember, which is not included on the HSC formula sheet is the following:

Most questions encountered can be solved with this formula. Notice the masses will cancel out, so the maximum safe velocity is determined by the radius of the turn, the angle of the incline and the gravitational acceleration.

Race car going around a track banked curve HSC questions

What to remember for banked Curve HSC Questions.

Banked Curve HSC Questions

Question 1. [2 marks]

A car is turning an Icey corner banked at 7 degrees with a radius of 0.05 km, what is the cars maximum velocity it can go without skidding out?

Question 2. [3 marks]

A local council is considering building a banked curve, they can build one curve with a angle of 15 degrees and is 150 m radius while the other design has an angle of 16 degrees and a radius of 170 m. Which ramp would be safer and why?

Question 3. [4 marks]

Two cars of the same mass on a planet other then earth take a corner of radius 150 m and an angle of 10 degrees going 45 km/h. What is the maximum speed they could go when taking another corner of angle 15 degrees and a radius of 92 m.

Answers for Banked Curve HSC Questions

Question 1.

7.37 m/s

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