Advanced Mechanics Practical Exam

  • Projectile motion
  • Circular motion
  • Motion in gravitational fields

[38 marks] – approx. 70 min exam

Question 1.

In class you released a projectile off the bench and predicted it’s horizontal range.

a) Outline & Evaluate the experimental technique used [6 marks]

b) Explain how the validity, reliability and accuracy of the experiment could have been improved. [6 marks]

Question 2.

a) [4 marks]

A tennis ball is thrown from the top of the wall where with a launch height of 12 m above the ground. It has an initial velocity of 12 m/s at an angle of 40° from the horizontal. How long is the ball in the air for?

b) [3 marks]

What is the final velocity of the ball before it hits the ground.

Question 3. [4 marks]

Two cars of the same mass on a planet other then earth take a banked curve of radius 150 m and an angle of 10 degrees going a maximum velocity of 45 km/h. What is the maximum speed they could go when taking another corner of angle 15 degrees and a radius of 92 m.

Question 4.

The experiment used a stopwatch to measure the time taken to complete one revolution when a mass was spun around on a string. A mass of constant weight is attached at the bottom of the string. What will happen to period of revolution to keep the height of the weight hanging constant. After this was repeated and measured 3 times, the mass was doubled and the experiment was repeated.

a) [3 marks]

Outline the independent, dependent and controlled variables.

b) [2 marks]

Write a risk analysis for this experiment

b) [6 marks]

Evaluate the validity and reliability of an experiment carried out to test circular motion.

Question 5. [4 marks]

What initial force is required for an object of mass 300 kg to escape earth from its current altitude of 2 km above the surface of earth, if the force is applied for 5 seconds?


Q2a) 2.5 s

b) 19 m/s @ 28 degrees from horizontal

Q3) 12 m/s

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