Electromagnetism module review

16 marks – 25 mins


Question 1. [2 marks]

2 charged particles are 30 cm apart, if one has a charge of +4 V/m and -3 V/m, what is the force of attraction

Question 2. [3 marks]

Using a diagram, explain what will happen when two wires running parallel to one another have a current applied in the same direction.

Question 3. [4 mark]

Using appropriate formulae, explain whether a step up or step down transformer is used to transport electricity over long distances.

Module 5 & 6 cross over questions.

Question 4. [4 marks]

An electron is shot between two plates with a potential difference of an unknown between them, spaced 15 cm apart. The negative plate is on the bottom and is opposing gravity since the electrons path is not effected. The electron is travelling at 14 m/s. What is the potential difference between the two plates?

Question 5. [3 marks]

A proton enters a magnetic field of 30 kT, it has a velocity of 10 m/s and enters a circular path. What is the radius of the path.

Question 6. [4 marks]

Predict and provide reasoning for the approximate time it would take for a magnet to fall a distance of 1m in a iron pipe, aluminium pipe and a plastic pipe.


  1. 1 *10^(12) N attraction

3. Power loss equation used P loss = I^(2)R, identifies V=IR, therefore, maximize V so minimize current so step up transformer is used to increase voltage for travel over long distance

4. V = 8.4 *10^(-12) v

5. r = 3*10^(-12) m

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