The nature of light interactive Quiz

Answers for all the questions with explanations can be found at the bottom of the page.

Question 1.

Question 2.

Question 3.

Question 4.

Question 5.

Question 6.

Question 7.

Question 8.


  1. b) This is because each photon of frequency greater then the threshold frequency will emit one electron, increasing the intensity will increase the number of photons.
  2. b) As can be seen in figure 1below diagram, increasing the temperature of the black body will decrease the wavelength of peak emittance (Wein’s law), the area under the curve increases – increase in total amount of radiation emitted.
  3. a) Time goes slower, distance becomes longer and pv gets bigger
  4. c) Newton thought light was a particle, which he named a Corpuscular. Huygen thought light was a wave. Einstein demonstrated wave particle duality of light.
  5. b) Quantum mechanics treats energy levels as infinitely divisible.
  6. b) E = hf
  7. b)
  8. d) Figure 2.
Black body - Wikipedia
Figure 1.
figure 2.

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