How Charged Objects Interact

IQ: How do charged objects interact with other charged objects and with neutral

  • Electrostatic force
    • Process of how objects become electrically charged
    • Interactions between charged particles
  • Electric field lines
    • simple point charges
    • pairs of charges
    • dipoles
    • parallel charged plates
  • 𝐹 = π‘žπΈ and 𝐸 =𝑉𝑑 and 𝐹 =(1/4πœ‹πœ€)*(π‘ž1π‘ž2/π‘Ÿ^2)



Question 1.

Diagrammatically, compare and contrast the interaction between two positive point charges, two negative point charges and a positive and negative point charge. [3 marks]

Question 2.

A student rubs a balloon against their head and notices the balloon sticks to their head, explain this phenomena. [3 marks]

Question 3.

Draw the path of an electron passing between a pair of charged plates, arrange the plates so the field lines are parallel to the horizon. [2 marks]

Question 4.

  • a) A charged plate has a 4 V potential difference with a spacing of 15 cm, if an electron is released midway between the plates, what is the maximum acceleration of the electron. [4 marks]
  • b) What is it’s maximum velocity [2 marks]
  • c) How would this differ if the electron was replaced by a proton. [4 marks]

Question 5.

A helium nucleus, consisting of two protons and two neutrons, is 5 cm from a proton.

  • a) Will this experience an attractive force or a repulsive force [1 mark]
  • b) What will be the magnitude of this force? [2 marks]


Questions 1.

Electric charge - Wikipedia
  • include diagram of like charges as well.

Question 4.

  • a) 4.7 * 1012 m/s/s towards positive
  • b) 8 * 106 m/s towards positive
  • c) Repeat calculations accounting for different mass and charge.

Question 5.

1.84 * 10^-29 N repulsion

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