Trial Paper Physics

50 marks – 1 hour and a half


Question 1.

a) A charged plate has a 4 V potential difference with a spacing of 15 cm, if an electron is released midway between the plates, what is the maximum acceleration of the electron. [4 marks]

b) How would this differ if the electron was replaced by a proton. [4 marks]

Question 2.

Explain the connection between the quantization of light and the resolution of the UV-catastrophe for black bodies. [6 marks]

Question 3.

  1. Outline a thought experiment that relates to the prediction of space dilation. [3 marks]
  1. Outline experimental evidence that validated the prediction of space dilation. [3 marks]

Question 4.

A particle having mass m and charge q is accelerated from an initial velocity u parallel to a potential difference V. Assume that the only force acting on the particle is due to the electric field associated with this potential difference. [5 marks]

Question 5.

Describe how specific experiments have contributed to our understanding of the positron and ONE other fundamental particle.  [5 marks]

Question 6.

Describe three pieces of information you can derive from the spectra of a star [5 marks]

Question 7.

With reference to the standard model, evaluate the use of models in science [6 marks]

Question 8.

Evaluate Kepler’s law’s contribution to our understanding of motion. [ 4 marks]

Question 9.

  1. Two cars of the same mass on a planet other then earth take a corner of radius 150 m and an angle of 10 degrees going 45 km/h. What is the maximum speed they could go when taking another corner of angle 15 degrees and a radius of 92 m. [3 marks]
  2. Why do banked curves are used in car turning corners [2 marks]


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