HSC Chemistry Past Papers and Answers

HSC Chemistry past papers image two colours touching.

Looking through and studying HSC Chemistry past papers often will reveal questions which are frequently asked. Learning to spot these common trends and having ‘perfect’ answers already up your sleeve is a great way to get on track to earn a band 6 in the chemistry HSC exam.

HSC Chemistry formula sheet – annotated

Open access HSC Chemistry digital textbook

Where to find Past HSC papers

Here is an easy to access master list of the past papers and answers from NESA.

YearHSC Chemistry Exam PaperHSC Chemistry Marking Guidelines
2022HSC Exam
2021HSC ExamHSC Marking Guidelines
2020HSC ExamHSC Marking Guidelines
2019HSC ExamHSC Marking Guidelines
2018HSC ExamHSC Marking Guidelines
2017HSC ExamHSC Marking Guidelines
2016HSC ExamHSC Marking Guidelines
2015HSC ExamHSC Marking Guidelines
2014HSC ExamMarking Guidelines
2013HSC ExamMarking Guidelines
2012HSC ExamMarking Guidelines
2012 Sample Answers
2011HSC ExamMarking Guidelines
2010HSC ExamMarking Guidelines
2009HSC Exam2009 Marking Guidelines

Why past papers are so good

Here are the thing I see so many HSC chemistry students get wrong. Year after year, students create study notes and make sure they retain all the equations, reactions, organic synthesis paths and concepts mentioned in the chemistry syllabus. But so often do they forget that the HSC exams don’t test what you know but how you can express what you know. The best way to improve your HSC marks is simple. Past papers. Here’s a comprehensive master list of past HSC chemistry papers and answers to help you improve your ability at expressing your knowledge and understanding of chemistry.

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