HSC Biology 2022 Answers

The HSC Biology 2022 exam was reasonably difficult. If you are looking to read the full exam check it out:

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Multiple choice

For HSC Biology 2022

1. B – shivering and goosebumps would be to warm the body up, we are looking to return the body temperature to 37

2. C – biochemical reactions are required to break down the fat

3. A – antibodies are generated by B cells to target the antigens

4. B – Data not included

5. B – catagories of disease are given

6. D

7. D – 

8. B – the egg is initially denucleated so a diploid somatic nuclease can be added.

9. D – Data not included

10. B – the thing being changed on purpose 

11. A – the germ theory of disease

12. A – know the structure of DNA and A pairs with T and G pairs with C

13. C – 

14. A

15. C

16. B

17. B – non coding DNA is involved in gene expression

18. A – germline mutation in individual 1 or 2 leading to it being inherited by the offspring

19. D – Myopia shortens the focal length, meaning the focal point doesn’t reach the eyes retina. A convex lens will not correct the focal length, instead making it even shorter.

20. D – as it flows you want to remove the urea from the blood, however, passing the dailastate in the opposite directions prevents it from diffusing over as the blood flows

HSC Biology 2022 answers

Short Answer

HSC Biology 2022 short answer section.

Question 21.

a) A Pathogen is capable of producing disease, for example SARs-CoV-2 is a pathogen which can be passed between people via inhaled respiratory droplets which contain the pathogen. This pathogen can cause covid-19 disease.

  • Common mistake here would be not giving an example of a pathogen and also of the disease it causes.

b) When there are no cells these will be virus’ and protists. Secondly, when there is no nucleus present these will be protozoa and fungi. Finally, when the nucleus is absent these will be bacteria

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