Introducing: Learning that sticks

We took the principle of advertisements and applied it to education. In order to make study easier and more effective, we developed a system that allows students to tap into their learning the way advertisements have been tapping into our subconscious. By using study notes which are condensed into fun memorable images and quotes, theContinue reading “Introducing: Learning that sticks”

Chemistry Trial Paper – Difficulty: Moderate

Question 21) a) Explain how a primary standard base is prepared using an example. [4 marks] b) Justify the use of the above primary standard you used a primary standard [3 marks] Question 22) Outline the process used for a titration experiment with a strong acid of known concentration and a strong base of unknownContinue reading “Chemistry Trial Paper – Difficulty: Moderate”

The scientific Method

Aim: Hypothesis: Criteria for a hypothesis A hypothesis should be developed in response to previous research. It should be a testable and falsifiable statement which predicts the change of an independent variable and the result on the dependent variable followed with brief reasoning. Common scaffold’s for a hypothesis include: If [independent variable] then [depndent variable]Continue reading “The scientific Method”

Relative motion of objects in two dimensions

Relative motion of objects in two dimensions.
Analyse the relative motion of objects in two dimensions in a variety of situations, for example:
– a boat on a flowing river relative to the bank
– two moving cars
– an aeroplane in a crosswind relative to the ground