Haber Process HSC Style Questions

Potential Short Answer Questions Exam type 5 markers Question 1. Explain the conditions used in the haber process. [5 marks] Question 2. Evaluate the contribution of the haber process to society [5 marks] Question 3. The contact process is used for the synthesis of sulfuric acid, note you haven’t learnt this in class and thisContinue reading “Haber Process HSC Style Questions”

Causes of Infectious Diseases

Learn. The HSC Biology inquiry question, How are diseases transmitted? is broken down and answered in this video. This goes through the following: What is an infectious disease? An infectious Disease is a disease resulting in a change from normal biochemical or physiological function – this can be spread from one individual to another. WhatContinue reading “Causes of Infectious Diseases”

HSC Past Questions for Pasteur

Question 1. 2018 HSC Question 2. 2016 Question 3. 2014 Question 4. Question 5. 2012 HSC MacFarlane is no longer assessed in HSC Biology. Question 6. 2009  2004 Question 7. Question for future HSC. Evaluate the contributions of L. Pasteur to modern microbiology [6 marks] Answers. Question 1. Pasteur provided supporting evidence for the factContinue reading “HSC Past Questions for Pasteur”

The immune System – HSC Biology

Learn. The role of the immune system is to protect and defend the body against infectious diseases. The immune system is broken into two branches, the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. The innate immune system is a general immune response which is not specialised to fight against a particular pathogen. A pathogenContinue reading “The immune System – HSC Biology”

Module 7 HSC Biology Homework

Get homework emailed to you weekly, here Week 1. Provide examples of pathogens and the disease’s they cause. [not exam style] Week 2. A scientist suspects that a disease is caused by a pathogen. They make the following observations The pathogen lacks internal membrane bound organelles The pathogen can be cultured on nutrient rich agar TheContinue reading “Module 7 HSC Biology Homework”

Year 12 Physics Term 1 homework

Week 1. Module 5. (week 1 content) What forces act on a projectile while it is in motion, draw these in a free body diagram [2 marks] Assuming gravity is negligible, a single downward force due to gravity should be acting from the centre of the object. Initially, a second F which put the objectContinue reading “Year 12 Physics Term 1 homework”