Year 11 Chemistry Sample Practical Assessment

Question 1. A 500 g rock contains 30% CaCO3, how many Ca atoms are there? [4 marks] How many oxygen atoms are there in the CaCO3 component of the rock? [1 mark] Question 2. A sample of NaCl powder is dissolved in water 300g of water – if the mass after it is dissolved isContinue reading “Year 11 Chemistry Sample Practical Assessment”

Year 12 Biology Trial Paper

Questions. Question 1. Which of the following is an example of an infectious disease a)Malaria caused by bacteria b)Covid-19 caused by a missense mutation c) Chicken Pox caused by a virus d) Haemophilia caused by a gene mutation Question 2. Asexual reproduction in plants involves a) Pollination due to pollen dispersal into wind  b) PollinationContinue reading “Year 12 Biology Trial Paper”

Infectious Diseases Module 7 Exam

37 marks – 1 hour Questions. Question 1. i) Evaluate Pasteur’s contribution to our modern understanding of infectious diseases. [6 marks] ii) Evaluate Koch’s contribution to our modern understanding of infectious diseases. [6 marks] Question 2. i) How would you increase the validity of the model used in class to demonstrate the findings of Pasteur?Continue reading “Infectious Diseases Module 7 Exam”

Diffraction grating and double slit experiments

Learn. Double slit experiment: Diffraction grating experiment: Master. Question 1. Draw a scientific diagram of the experimental setup of the diffraction grating experiment [3 marks] Question 2. Explain why a diffraction grating generates the pattern when monochromatic light, what would you expect if white light passed through? [3 marks] Question 3. Compare and contrast theContinue reading “Diffraction grating and double slit experiments”


Learn. Biotechnology is applying and manipulating living organisms or bio-molecules as a tool for humanity. Biotechnology can be applied for medical, environmental, agricultural and industrial purposes. Biotechnology has a range of applications and far reaching implications. Some of this applications include: food (fermentation to create cheese),drink (fermentation to create alcohol), medicine (using medicine found inContinue reading “Biotechnology”

Second year Uni Molecular biology exam 1

100 mark Exam. [71 marks] Multiple Choice Questions. [43 marks] Question 1. Which of the following does RNA not flow into according to the central dogma a) Proteins b) DNA c) Polypeptides d) amino acids Question 2. DNA polymerases supports the formation of DNA by catalyzing the linking of triphosphates into a DNA strand. WhichContinue reading “Second year Uni Molecular biology exam 1”