HSC Biology Recombinant technology: Insulin production

After this lesson you will be able to: investigate the uses and advantages of current genetic technologies that induce genetic change describe techniques and applications used in recombinant DNA technology, for example: the development of transgenic organisms in agricultural and medical applications evaluate the benefits of using genetic technologies in agricultural, medical and industrial applicationsContinue reading “HSC Biology Recombinant technology: Insulin production”

HSC Titration Questions

Purpose of titrations, principle of titrations, analytical techniques, understanding indicators, setting out a titration calculation

Haber Process HSC Style Questions

Equilibrium Questions & Haber Process When evaluating an industrial chemical synthesis process, consider the following factors: availability of reagents, reaction conditions, yield and purity industrial uses (eg pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cleaning products, fuels) environmental, social and economic issues Potential Short Answer Q`uestions Exam type 5 markers Question 1. Explain the conditions used in the haber process.Continue reading “Haber Process HSC Style Questions”

Module 7 HSC Biology Homework

Get homework emailed to you weekly, here Week 1. Provide examples of pathogens and the disease’s they cause. [not exam style] Week 2. A scientist suspects that a disease is caused by a pathogen. They make the following observations The pathogen lacks internal membrane bound organelles The pathogen can be cultured on nutrient rich agar TheContinue reading “Module 7 HSC Biology Homework”


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