Module 7 HSC Biology Homework

Get homework emailed to you weekly, here Week 1. Provide examples of pathogens and the disease’s they cause. [not exam style] Week 2. A scientist suspects that a disease is caused by a pathogen. They make the following observations The pathogen lacks internal membrane bound organelles The pathogen can be cultured on nutrient rich agar TheContinue reading “Module 7 HSC Biology Homework”

Internal vs External fertilisation – HSC Biology

Learn. Internal and external fertilization will both lead to the continuation of the species, both of these are sexual reproduction methods. The continuation of a species occurs via sexual or asexual reproduction. A good example of external fertilisation is the salmon, the female salmons will lay their eggs on the banks and then the maleContinue reading “Internal vs External fertilisation – HSC Biology”

Term 1 Year 12 Chemistry Homework

Chemistry: (week 1 content) Polyatomic ion flashcards (revision resource) Week 1. Using examples, compare and contrast reversible and irreversible chemical reactions. [4 marks] Week 2. Answer: D, assign priority to the alcohol and name the halogens in alphabetical order

Trial Paper Physics

50 marks – 1 hour and a half Questions. Question 1. a) A charged plate has a 4 V potential difference with a spacing of 15 cm, if an electron is released midway between the plates, what is the maximum acceleration of the electron. [4 marks] b) How would this differ if the electron wasContinue reading “Trial Paper Physics”


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