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Planetary Theft – Universal gravitation

by Joshua Mills | 8/12/22 | # 1 | Year 12 Physics

Dr Victor decides he wants to be rich and powerful. He steals a planet and plans to crash it into earth so he can save time and money mining it for the endangered metal, Gallium.

Bug Man saves the earth

The story of Bug-Man.

Bug-man, Penelope and Dr Victor were created by a Synthetic Biologist. They were supposed to be new-age Astronauts to allow for long-distance space travel. A rocket company developed them using the science of mixing traits of different organisms to create a living hybrid – a transgenic organism. Instead the fusion of genetic information meant the underlying traits ended up being most pronounced.


Along came a Synthetic Biologist

Bug-man was created by a rocket company. They employed a synthetic biologist. He stole a genetic sample of their best astronaut right before his retirement mission. The astronaut died mysteriously during his retirement mission, making it the first and only ever time he failed a mission. The synthetic biologist then embedded genes from different insects to create a super astronaut.

  • Armour is from the Scarab beetle (Coleoptera)
  • Wide-angle vision is from a mosquito (Diptera)
  • Sensors are from a stick insect (Phasmida)
  • Ability to move fast is from a flea (Siphonaptera)
  • Super-human strength is from an ant (Hymnoptera)

All of the modifications have made him hyperaware which has created enormous anxiety. Despite the fact that he is loved by all. He is eager to please everyone because he never had parents that loved and adored him so he thinks no-one can.

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