Chameleon Peptides: Changing themselves or pharma?

Chameleons change colour by using specialized cells in their skin called chromatophores. These cells contain pigments such as melanin and carotenoids. By expanding or contracting the chromatophores, chameleons can change their colour. This means they can change how they look in response to the environment. In a similar fashion there are a class of moleculesContinue reading “Chameleon Peptides: Changing themselves or pharma?”

Is Jurassic world possible? Crispr, cloning and hybrids

Don’t worry we ain’t going to be dropping spoilers in here. But… After the success of Jurassic world dominion and it’s ability to capture the imaginations of the masses, we thought it would be a good idea to break down the science behind the cloning of humans and dinosaurs. After reading this the answer toContinue reading “Is Jurassic world possible? Crispr, cloning and hybrids”

Perflubron Liquid breathing: Is it time to blow off air?

In second year of undergraduate, we walked into what we thought would be a standard anatomy class. But what we didn’t expect to see were to pairs of lungs open on the bench. One infant size. The other much larger. Much darker. The pearly white of the infants lung contrasted with the polluted adults lung.Continue reading “Perflubron Liquid breathing: Is it time to blow off air?”