Torque HSC Questions that will scare you

Torque HSC questions are renowned for being scary. One of my students who had never lost a mark in a HSC physics internal exam thought torque questions were going to be his downfall. Whilst the concept of torque is rather simple, realistically just a mathematical formula to explain what to do to open a door,Continue reading “Torque HSC Questions that will scare you”

Edzion email homework answers

Our Edzion email homework answers archive. If you haven’t already signed up for the free homework questions, sign up here. Check out our open-access interactive textbooks here 29/11/22 Homework to build your HSC Foundations This week in the edzion email homework answers: Biology Genetic flow is a gradual change in: a) the alleles of anContinue reading “Edzion email homework answers”

Circular motion HSC Questions

Ever wondered why the wheels on a car appear to rotate backwards when you see a video of it going extremely fast? My friend, this is due to circular motion and the frames per second of the video. After today’s lesson you will understand uniform circular motion and will have seen Circular motion HSC Questions.Continue reading “Circular motion HSC Questions”

Charged Particle in Electric and Magnetic Fields

Let’s look at charged particles in electric and magnetic fields. Okay, so imagine you’re in a giant game of laser tag, and you’ve got your trusty laser gun at your side. But instead of just shooting lasers, your gun can also emit charged particles that you can use to your advantage. Now, let’s say you’reContinue reading “Charged Particle in Electric and Magnetic Fields”

Kepler’s Laws and must see HSC Questions

Kepler’s Laws provided early astronomers with a useful framework for understanding planetary motion. Jump to HSC Questions Johannes Kepler described his laws of planetary motion between 1609 and 1619, he was one of the first people to like to the skies and encapsulate the behavior of stars, moons and planets into laws. The first lawContinue reading “Kepler’s Laws and must see HSC Questions”

Inclined plane and banked Curve HSC Questions

Banked Curve HSC Questions often require students to approach the problem from a mathematical perspective. The good news is this can be learnt using a method which repeatable and can be systematised. This way you get the right answer every time. Jump to the exam-style questions here. An inclined plane and banked curve problem canContinue reading “Inclined plane and banked Curve HSC Questions”

Experiment: Parallel Current Carrying wires

Parallel current carrying wires demonstrate that a wire has a magnetic field when there are electrons running through it. These magnetic fields can interact with one another. In this experiment we will see this first hand. After today you will: Learn. As we saw in the ๐น = ๐‘™๐ผ๐ตsin๐œƒ lesson, a current carrying conductor createsContinue reading “Experiment: Parallel Current Carrying wires”

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