Projectile Motion Experiments


Experiment 1.

Experiment 2.

The above experiment is demonstrating how an objects velocity remains constant in the x direction. Therefore, we can treat the x plane and y plane as two separate planes.

This experiment demonstrates that velocity in the x direction does not change the acceleration in the y direction. As a result flight time is dependent on the height of the objects, the velocity in the x direction does not effect them.

This experiment is great to watch. Come up with your own conclusions from it.


Question 1.

Write an aim for experiment 1, 2 and 3.

Question 2.

Write a conclusion for experiment 3.

Extension Question.

Imagine you had a drink bottle with a hole in it and water is leaking out, you then dropped the drink bottle. Would the water leak out faster, slower, no water would leak out or no change in the amount of water leaking out while the bottle is free falling in the air?


Question 1.

Experiment 1.

To determine whether horizontal velocity remains constant for projectile motions.

Experiment 2.

To determine whether distance/time travelled in y distance remains constant regardless of x direction.