Advanced mechanics HSC Physics Quiz

Welcome to your Advanced mechanics HSC Physics Quiz

A balling ball rolls off a 1m high horizontal bench with an initial velocity of 4.0 m/s

How long will it take the marble to hit the floor?

A space rock is moving in circular orbit of radius 7.0 * 10^(6) m around the Earth.

If the speed of the satellite is 8.1 * 10^(3) m/s, what is its centripetal acceleration?

A space man decides he wants to move a geostationary orbit to a higher orbit

Select the correct statement about the orbit change

A 120 kg object has a weight of 480 N on the surface of planet X.

What is the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of planet X.

A car can safely take a icy corner with a velocity of v, if the car doubles the velocity it is travelling it should...

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