HSC Biology 2020 Multiple Choice Questions

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In maintaining homeostasis, which of the following is a behavioural adaptation?

Sexual reproduction in plants involves

The following four events occur during reproduction in a placental mammal.

1. Fertilisation
2. Implantation
3. Ovulation
4. Placental formation
In which order do these events occur?

Malaria is a disease in humans caused by a single-celled Plasmodium species. It is transmitted by female mosquitoes.

Which of the following is true for malaria?

Which best describes DNA in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells respectively ?

Citrus canker is a bacterial disease that originates in south-east Asia and affects citrus fruit.

What would be the most effective way to prevent the disease from spreading into or
across Australia?

Students designed and conducted an investigation to test for the presence of microbes in THREE different food samples.

They inoculated agar plates with the samples and placed them in an incubator set to 25°C.

Which row of the table represents a valid design for the investigation?

A public education campaign was developed with the aim of lowering the incidence of skin cancer in the population.

The campaign was adopted Australia wide and is illustrated in the poster.

Which is the best method to measure the effectiveness of the campaign?

Quarantine is ineffective as a measure to control non-infectious diseases because they

A farmer intends to artificially inseminate cows with semen from a bull which has been chosen based on characteristics of colour and muscle mass.

The farmer does not know that the bull is heterozygous for a rare recessive allele not previously present in the farmer’s cow population.

The introduction of this recessive allele to the population of cows is an example of

The diagram shows a model of the human eye

What is the purpose of cloning in agriculture?

A type of genetic technology is shown in the diagram

What type of cloning is modelled?

A normal allele results in liver cells with sufficient cholesterol receptors. A different allele results in liver cells without cholesterol receptors. Individuals who are heterozygous have liver cells with insufficient cholesterol receptors.

What type of inheritance is the most likely explanation for this?

Four antiviral drugs have been tested in a culture of human cells for their effectiveness in inhibiting infection from a new virus. The toxicity of the antivirals to human cells was also tested.

The ability of the drugs to inhibit viral entry to the cells (% inhibition) and the proportion
of the cells killed by the drugs (% toxicity) were recorded at different doses of each drug
and shown in the graphs.
From the results shown, which antiviral drug is the safest and most effective at a dose of
1 µ mol L–1?

Analysis of DNA shows that adenine and guanine always make up 50% of the total amount of nitrogenous bases in DNA.

Which structural feature of DNA does this provide evidence for?

There are about 10 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) found in the human genome.

Four SNPs are modelled in the diagram

The SNPs modelled do not affect the phenotype of the individuals shown.
Which is the best explanation for this?

SNP databases have been used in forensic investigations. One is outlined below.

1. DNA was collected at a crime scene 30 years ago.
2. Recently the crime scene DNA was analysed at 700 000 SNP locations.
3. An SNP profile was created and uploaded to a genealogy database.
4. The SNP profile from the crime scene indicated some shared SNPs with two
individuals (who did not have SNPs in common).
5. The pedigrees were constructed for the two individuals.

Which diagram correctly models one phase of meiosis in an organism that has six chromosomes in its somatic cells?

This chart illustrates three correlation patterns indicating the influence of genes and environment on different traits in individuals.

What does the data show about how genes and family environment affect the three traits?

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