HSC Biology 2022 Multiple Choice Questions

Welcome to your HSC Biology 2022 Multiple Choice Questions

A healthy person in a hot environment measures their body temperature to be 38.0°C.

Which of the following might occur in this person?

Some desert mammals can obtain their water from breaking down stored body fat.

What type of adaptation is this?

What type of protein is formed in response to a pathogen?

The diagram shows the response to an injury in a human.

What is the response shown?

Data for incidence of notifiable infectious diseases in Australia are shown in the table.

Which type of graph should be chosen to best represent these data?

A diagram of the human female reproductive system is shown.

Where does implantation normally occur?

Animal cloning involves inserting the nucleus from a somatic cell of one animal into the

In mice, muscle cells contain 40 chromosomes.

Which of the following is a correct statement about mouse cells?

A new vaccine against an infectious disease was developed. The effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing infection in humans was plotted over time in three different age groups.

Which of the following is a valid conclusion that can be drawn from the data in the graph?

Which of the following was the independent variable in this investigation?

Pasteur used swan neck flasks to conduct experiments on microbial contamination of broth. One of Pasteur’s investigations is shown.

What is the best explanation for Pasteur’s results?

The following diagram represents a short section of DNA.

The section of DNA shown in Question 12 came into contact with a mutagen, resulting in a change in the cytosine. The effect on the DNA after several replication cycles is shown.

The mutagen has resulted in

An inherited characteristic in a family is mapped in the pedigree shown.

Inheritance of this characteristic is

In a plant species, red flower colour (R) is dominant over white flower colour (r).

Two plants of known genotype for flower colour were crossed. A punnet square was used to determine the proportion of genotypes expected in the offspring. Part of the punnet square is shown.

Which statement is true for the parents in this cross?

What is the significance of mutations in non-coding DNA?

A student constructed a model of the phases of meiosis in an organism with six chromosomes in its somatic cells. One of the early phases is shown.

Which of the following identifies an error in the model?

The occurrence of a genetic disease in a family resulting from the presence of a dominant allele is shown.

If the disease has arisen as a result of a mutation, which of the following is the most likely cause of the disease in this family?

A person with short-sighted vision (myopia) was incorrectly given a pair of spectacles with convex lenses.

Which row of the table demonstrates what happens?

Renal dialysis involves passing blood from a patient past a dialysate solution in order to remove waste such as urea from the blood.

Which diagram correctly shows possible concentrations of urea and the direction of flow of both solutions in a dialysis machine?

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