Sample Exam 1 Organic Chemistry Module 7

(17 Marks) 30 mins

Multiple Choice






Short Answer Section




Multiple Choice

2018 HSC

  1. C Esterification is an equilibrium reaction where increasing reactant pushes equilibrium to the right to reduce the stress on the system (la Chatliers principles). Boiling chips are used for even heating.
  2. D Lavosier stated all acids contain oxygen – we now know this to be false – in this case HCl is not an acid by lavoisier definition since it doesn’t contain oxygen
  3. D Concentrated acid will react with the alkanol group on ethanol creating ethene and water. A is incorrect since hydration of ethene requires high temperature 573 K and 60 ATP.

2001 HSC

  1. D poly ethene is a common polymer, it can be high density – used in pipes or low density – glad wrap
  2. B – repeating monomer units alternating up and down – at this stage you just need to know this is the case. Don’t worry about explaining why.

Short answers

6a) The atp, the temperature, impurities, wind

b) Use a wind sheild to limit heat loss through wind. Minimise heat loss by fine tuning distance of flame from the container.