Introduction to chemistry

We all want to make stuff. But, fundamentally we are just converting matter into more useful forms. That is what chemistry is all about understanding matter aka stuff so we can alter it to make our lives better. This introduction to chemistry is the first in our free interactive textbook to take you up toContinue reading “Introduction to chemistry”

Allotropes matter: A backbone breaking Carbon discovery

A recent discovery of a new carbon allotrope (E Meirzadeh, et al., 2023) has shaken the scientific community. It will have potential implications for the folks dabbling in the quantum computing realm 🖥️. But first, we have to be reminded more then we are taught: Allotropes are different forms of the same chemical element with differingContinue reading “Allotropes matter: A backbone breaking Carbon discovery”

Perflubron Liquid breathing: Is it time to blow off air?

In second year of undergraduate, we walked into what we thought would be a standard anatomy class. But what we didn’t expect to see were to pairs of lungs open on the bench. One infant size. The other much larger. Much darker. The pearly white of the infants lung contrasted with the polluted adults lung.Continue reading “Perflubron Liquid breathing: Is it time to blow off air?”

Gibbs free energy is foundational for HSC chemistry

The universe is ever growing into more and more chaos. This is a law of thermodynamics. Gibbs free energy is able to tell us whether a reaction will occur. The three factors which influence this are whether the reaction creates chaos, whether heat will be released and what the temperature is. Learn. Gibbs free energyContinue reading “Gibbs free energy is foundational for HSC chemistry”

HSC Chemistry Past Papers and Answers

Looking through and studying HSC Chemistry past papers often will reveal questions which are frequently asked. Learning to spot these common trends and having ‘perfect’ answers already up your sleeve is a great way to get on track to earn a band 6 in the chemistry HSC exam. HSC Chemistry formula sheet – annotated OpenContinue reading “HSC Chemistry Past Papers and Answers”

Solubility Rules Mnemonic – NAG SAG

Learn. Ever wondered how on earth you would remember your solubility rules for the HSC? Look no further then NAGSAG. Here is a more comprehensive list of your solubility rules! Remember, the NAGSAG acronym is sufficient for your HSC chemistry exams. The list below is something you build an intuition for, rather then going inContinue reading “Solubility Rules Mnemonic – NAG SAG”