Causes and effects of non-infectious disease

Causes of non-infectious diseases learning outcomes: Do non-infectious diseases cause more deaths than infectious diseases? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are responsible for approximately 71% of all deaths globally. Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria are responsible for approximately 25% ofContinue reading “Causes and effects of non-infectious disease”

Is Biology HSC Hard?

Why is Biology HSC so darn hard? HSC biology is a large course with concepts which build upon previous concepts. If you fall behind things will snow ball. Things will not get easier. But if you stay up to date, we promise you that you will love HSC biology and it won’t seem as challenging.Continue reading “Is Biology HSC Hard?”

Surface area to volume ratio diffusion experiment

An important concept to understand for the year 11 is diffusion. It wasn’t until I performed the surface area to volume ratio diffusion experiment that I understood the idea of diffusion. Essentially, if you imagine having a group of students packed in the corner of a classroom, give it time and they will spread outContinue reading “Surface area to volume ratio diffusion experiment”

HSC biology heredity questions – Proven module 5 growth

HSC biology heredity questions are critical to your success in the HSC. We created a list of questions based on past data analysis of HSC Biology papers. Click here to jump straight to the Module 5 HSC Questions Is HSC biology module 5 hard to do well in? I worked with an above average studentContinue reading “HSC biology heredity questions – Proven module 5 growth”

HSC Biology 2022 Exam Breakdown (One of the Hardest?)

The 2022 HSC Biology past paper was a little different to normal. From breaking down the HSC biology 2022 question distribution, style of question and what was assessed the most, valuable insights were found so you can focus your efforts for the HSC to get the marks you deserve. Keep reading to find out whatContinue reading “HSC Biology 2022 Exam Breakdown (One of the Hardest?)”

Here is why epidemiology is important for HSC Biology

Epidemiology studies how infectious and non-infectious diseases spread. It focuses on understanding how, where and why a disease is spreading. This is valuable as it allows us to predict the cause of outbreaks, allowing us to step the spread of disease. This can save lives and you have likely seen this first hand with theContinue reading “Here is why epidemiology is important for HSC Biology”

Homeostasis what you must know for HSC Biology

Homeostasis, the self-regulatory process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adapting to optimal conditions for survival. Life goes on when homeostasis is successful. Failure to do so will result in disaster or death. The stability achieved is actually a dynamic equilibrium in which constant changes occur, but relatively uniform conditions prevail. Learn.Continue reading “Homeostasis what you must know for HSC Biology”