Understanding peptides: Chemical biology

Recent Advances in Peptide Therapeutics

  • TB500
  • BPC157
  • Peptide delivery: Break-throughs to get us to the other side.

Synthesis of Peptides

  • Natural and unnatural amino acids
  • Synthetic Peptides
    • Fmoc Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
    • Boc Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
    • Solution Phase Peptide Synthesis
    • Automated Peptide Synthesis
  • How nature makes peptides

Chemical bonding for peptides

  • The chemistry of the peptide bond
  • Bioconjugation reactions
  • Bioorthoganal and click reactions
  • Chemical Ligation

Characterisation of Peptides

  • Flash Chromatography
  • Reverse-Phase Separation of peptides
    • LCMS

How new peptides are discovered

  • Phage display
  • RAPID mRNA Screening
  • Natural product extracts

Chemistry background knowledge:

  • Organic chemistry & curly arrow notation notation
  • Functional groups
  • Classification of organic reactions (addition, elimination, substitution, redox, acid/base)
  • Isomers
    • Stereoformula
      • Fischer projection
  • Kinetics and thermodynamics
  • Fischer

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