Free UCAT Resources

Perhaps the hardest part of getting into medicine/ dentistry was just made easy. Enjoy the 5 free sample exams – the best way to improve your score. These free UCAT resources will make you confident going into your UCAT exam, knowing your dreams are that little bit closer.

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List of Free UCAT Resources

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Use the question banks here as well to help

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Now that you have learnt how to answer the questions, you need to work on your speed and accuracy with our free UCAT resources. The UCAT isn’t cognitively challenging, however, it is a time pressured exam that will push you to remain focused under pressure.

A common approach student’s take is to sacrifice questions. Look for questions you know will take you longer and skip these. You are better off getting three easy questions right then spending the same amount of time getting one hard question correct. Throughout the exam you get little breaks during the sections, take this time to reset and revive your focus. These are the tactics which separate those who score in the 99th percentile from the rest.

Practice Tests.

Use the sample exams here as well to help