Year 11 HSC Physics

The year 11 HSC physics course is designed to push students to see the world like a physicist. Don’t fall for scientific fallacies, instead, understand physics and in doing so the world around you will open up. Through studying year 11 physics you will learn fundamental scientific concepts, in effect, these will form the cornerstone of your HSC science success. We provide high quality study guides, quizzes, past papers so you can be prepared to get a band 6 in HSC physics.


Scientific skills module.

Module 1: Kinematics

Module 2: Dynamics

year 11 hsc physics open access textbook with quizzes, study notes and past papers.

Module 3: Waves and thermodynamics

Module 4: Electricity and magnetism

These past exam questions are compilations of past papers from different schools. Our high quality collection of questions is perfect for year 11 HSC physics students looking to get ahead. Make your peers wonder what they are missing as your marks begin to sore. Take your learning into your own hands so you can undoubtedly enjoy your physics journey.