Year 11 HSC Physics


Module 1: Kinematics

IQ: How is the motion of an object that changes its direction of movement on a plane

Module 2: Dynamics

Module 3: Waves and thermodynamics


IQ: What are the properties of all waves and wave motion?

IQ: How do waves behave?

IQ: What evidence suggests sound is a mechanical wave?

Ray Model of Light

IQ: What properties can be demonstrated when using the ray model of light?

  • Reflection of light
  • Refraction of light
  • Snell’s law
  • Dispersion of light
  • Refractive index of a medium
  • Inverse square law for intensity of light

Module 4: Electricity and magnetism

IQ: How do charged objects interact with other charged objects and with neutral

  • Electrostatic force
    • Process of how objects become electrically charged
    • Interactions between charged particles
  • Electric field lines
    • simple point charges
    • pairs of charges
    • dipoles
    • parallel charged plates
  • 𝐹 = π‘žπΈ and 𝐸 =𝑉𝑑 and 𝐹 =(1/4πœ‹πœ€)*(π‘ž1π‘ž2/π‘Ÿ^2)

IQ: How do the processes of the transfer and the transformation of energy occur in
electric circuits?

IQ: How do magnetized and magnetic objects interact?


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