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Dear student,

On a beautiful summers morning, two twins woke up to read their ATAR results. The two twins were very much alike. After all they had been studying side by side for two years. Both had been better then average students throughout high school. Both were ambitious and energetic, excited for their future. Both had studied the same subjects and devoted the same number of hours to school each day.

Yet there was a significant difference between their final ATAR.

The first twin would sit down for hours each day – focus blocks – writing study note after study note. By the time they reached their final HSC exams, they had mountains of study notes. The other twin would have their pen dance around their page as they studied. They would draw pictures and answer exam style questions then throw away the paper after marking their  answers. When they were done for the night the twins argued over who’s method of study was better. By the time exams rolled around, student 1 was stressed trying to scale their mountains of study notes while student 2 was ready to do what they had practised every night they studied.

The first twins ATAR was mediocre, whereas, the second twins ATAR got him dux of his high school.

Chances are if you have reached this page you care about your future. You know to achieve great things you are going to need to give time and effort to your studies. But not all boats are made equal. With edzion premium you can maximise your study time with curated answers to exam style questions. Make the time you spend studying actually count.

Year 11 HSC resources based on NESA