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70 SMART is a challenge. It is 70 days, which will change your mind. Bring clarity and mental focus. It is not meant to be easy and that is why it is not recommended for quitters. So much so, if you are thinking “a challenge like this sounds good… but… 70 days…” Please stop reading here. That is it. Just close this tab.

All right jelly been. Chances are you are smart but more importantly you are a doer. If there is one thing I know though. It is that you wouldn’t be against being smarter. If this is you. This program might just be the challenge you are able to complete.

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A way to change. From the inside out.

70 SMART is about uncoupling the external environment from influencing your mind. It gives you control. You become the master of your mind, it will allow you to take back the control external circumstances have. When everyone is panicking about the latest news headline. You will be level headed. The leader in choppy waters to take people to smooth seas.

The key improvements this program drives are:

Clarity of thought.

Enhanced empathy.

Reduction in anxiety and stress.

Identification and expansion of ones own limiting beliefs.

70SMART is about making you responsible for how your life pans out.

Read what people are saying:

“I highly recommend this challenge for those looking to elevate their cognitive function. Whilst hard, I felt I made daily progress which has led to significant improvement in memory, focus, and multitasking. I feel smarter. You don’t realise how well it works until you observe that you no-longer pause mid-speech trying to think of the right word”

“I’ve been blown away by the results. As someone who has always been interested in leadership, I was immediately drawn to it. The exercises are challenging, yet engaging. I have seen a noticeable improvement in my cognitive abilities, including memory, and ability to multitask. I feel sharper and more confident in my abilities since completing the 70 days. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to unlock their full brain potential.”

“I am absolutely in love with this challenge. My brain was constantly stressed and scattered. I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to focus. At the time of writing this, I am on day 45. It isn’t easy but to date it has been more then worth it. Before I could not sit and work productively for 25 mins. Now I can focus for 3 hours.”

70 SMART – Backed by science, loved by the doers

The worst thing for someone to ever experience is to meet the best version of you that you could have become.

There are three fundamental beliefs required before you start this program. Before you can become the best version of yourself. The critical beliefs are:

  • The best version of you is a future version of you, everything that happens that future version of you will be glad they happened. They were all critical to the journey of becoming. You don’t need evidence but you do need belief that this future you can exist.
  • That is not enough though. You need to believe. That present you can become this future you.
  • You also need to believe it is worth becoming this future version of yourself.

The simple truth is, you will never reach your full potential without these beliefs.

Most people have the ability to acquire the resources they need. It is these beliefs that are lacking. These beliefs are the invisible hand holding you back from greatness.

But how do you instil this change in yourself, what is the secret to changing your psychology?

You are not what you want to be. You are simply a reflection of what state you are living in. 70SMART is a program that knows this. That is why the routine is engineered to change the state you live in. We know this change of state will be reflected in who you become.

I’m IN! How Do I Start?

Best of all, 0 payments required. That’s right you can do this for free!

Drop you email here and we will send you the information about the routine you need to get started.

70 SMARTGet what you need to attempt the challenge


We will email you the routine and some tips to get you on your way.

Your privacy matters. Your information will never be shared with anyone. It drives me insane when other people do that.

I’m still unsure… because…

I don’t want to mess with my body

We don’t either. That’s why we engineered the routine to only require meditation, exercise, reflection and the consumption of new information.

I don’t feel…

Passionate, motivated, determined, disciplined. You don’t put toast in the toaster, you start with bread do you not? The point is 70SMART makes you become these things. You don’t need to start out like this.

What if I fail?

I’ve been there. The fear of failing. The expectation and pressure we place on ourselves. But being a doer means you the present you takes the leap of faith that you can become who you want to become. Inaction is the only way you can guarantee failure.

I am so busy, how will I make time?

This reminds me of what a monk once said to me. Those who have time to meditate should do 20 mins a day. Those who do not have time should do 4 hours. The point is you sharpen a saw so you save time cutting. If you think you are to busy then you don’t have time not to do this program.

Ok, I’m now ready to take control of my life. Let’s start…

70 SMARTGet what you need to attempt the challenge


We will email you the routine and some tips to get you on your way.


You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting 70 SMART or any program to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start 70SMART if your physician or health care provider advises against it. Do not start 70SMART if are not a doer.

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