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Since I had been 12 I knew I wanted to study medicine. But if I wanted to stand a chance of getting in I would need some serious help. Josh was my chemistry and biology tutor throughout year 11 and 12. Without him I don’t think I would be studying what I have always wanted!

Louise Van Lou
19% improvement

My trouble with school wasn’t so much that I wasn’t understanding the content, rather I wasn’t being challenged enough, so I wasn’t engaged. When I started with Edzion, the tutors identified this and began to provide me with the intellectual challenges I had been looking for – my grades shot up.

Kieran Depp
Band 6 in physics and chemistry

I had just gotten the lowest mark I’d ever gotten, I felt despondent and frustrated with schooling. My friend Suggested I join the Edzion Year 12 biology online class, my grades skyrocketed and I ended up topping my class in my trials.

Ben Hummings
48% improvement

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Join 27,053 other students getting ahead