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Chameleon Peptides: Changing themselves or pharma?

by Joshua Mills | 22/1/23 | Sci-News

Chameleon peptides can change their properties in response to changes in their environment. These might just be to biopharmaceuticals what the launcher was to the potato. Keep reading to learn how they are pushing the envelope of modern day drug design.

Image to represent Chameleon Peptides coming to the research front

Allotropes matter: A backbone breaking Carbon discovery

by Joshua Mills | 17/1/23 | year 12 Chemistry

We breakdown the recent discovery of carbon allotrope, graphullerene and provide a lesson in what allotropes are.

The bridge to become who you want to become

by 70SMART | Open for applicants

70SMART is a 70 day program which enhances ones thought process. It is designed to be challenging but not time consuming. It is 100% free with no hidden fees, check it out here and push yourself.

70 smart logo

Prevention of non-infectious diseases

by Joshua Mills | 16/1/23 | year 12 Biology

Here is how the prevention of non-infectious diseases has changed the way we live, enhanced human health and what is next for the field.

Is Jurassic world possible? Crispr, cloning and hybrids

by Joshua Mills | 11/1/23 | year 12 Biology

No scientist can watch Jurassic world without there knees going weak. In an age where biotechnology is growing in hype. Where new transgenic species are popping up everyday. Don’t be left behind.

The history of acid and bases

by Joshua Mills | 10/01/2023 | year 12 chemistry

The history of acid and bases remind us that science is constantly evolving. Understanding the past prevents us from making the same mistakes and provides different vantage points to understand chemistry.

Perflubron Liquid breathing: Is it time to blow off air?

by Joshua Mills | 3/01/2023 | Start-ups & science

Here is the crazy chemical that allows you and me to breathe underwater. This liquid will be used to induce hypothermia, save neonates and we even talk about some crazy ideas to clean smokers lungs with it.

What it takes to do well academically

by Student Kit | In Stock | store

Upgrade your study game with our stylish and functional stationery! Gone are the days of being left behind because your gear doesn’t work or look good enough, we have created a student study kit with all you need to excel academically. Last one left!

Planetary Theft – Universal Gravitation # 1

by Joshua Mills | 8/12/22 | # 1 | Year 12 Physics

Dr Victor decides he wants to be rich and powerful. He steals a planet and plans to crash it into earth so he can save time and money mining it for the endangered metal, Gallium.

Bug Man saves the earth

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