The Titration Game

What are titrations?

In a titration, we add a solution of known concentration to a solution of unknown concentration until we reach the endpoint, from here we can determine the unknown concentration. The point at which the reaction is complete is called the “equivalence point.” If we add an indicator that changes colour when the reaction is complete, this is the “endpoint.” The goal is to make the endpoint as close as possible to the equivalence point to get an accurate measurement. In the game below you will master this concept.

Hey there! Are you ready to embark on a chemical journey? Today, we’re going to explore the exciting world of titration!

Now, titration is basically like playing a game of chemistry hide-and-seek. One chemical (let’s call it Chemical A) is hiding in a solution, and we want to find out how much of it is there. But we can’t just ask it to come out and show itself! So, we invite another chemical (Chemical B) to join the game.

Chemical B is like a detective – it’s really good at finding Chemical A. But it needs a little help. We add a tiny bit of Chemical B to the solution containing Chemical A, and then we watch what happens. As Chemical B searches for Chemical A, it will react with it and create a new chemical that we can see easily.

We keep adding more and more Chemical B until all of the Chemical A is gone. Then, we know exactly how much Chemical A was in the solution, because we know how much Chemical B we added to find it!

It’s kind of like when you’re trying to find your friend at a crowded party. You ask one person if they’ve seen them, and they say no. So you ask another person, and they say they saw your friend in the kitchen. You keep asking people until you finally find your friend – that’s titration!

So, there you have it – titration is a fun chemistry game of hide-and-seek that helps us figure out how much of a chemical is in a solution. Just don’t forget your lab coat and safety goggles – chemistry can be messy!

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