English Standard HSC

The English Standard HSC is about learning to think clearly and articulate your thoughts in a way that is understandable for others. Fortunately, getting a band 6 in Standard English is doable, you just have to know what NESA is looking for. You will need to develop the skills of essay writing and textual analysis. Additionally, being able to write creative, discursive and reflective responses will help for module C.

Throughout our open access Standard English textbook, we provide you with questions to build up your critical thinking skills and opportunities to develop your responses. It is important to remember improvement in HSC English is about doing and improving again and again. You can’t just get good at English overnight. But with the right resources and focus – anyone can improve.


Essay Writing

Creative Writing

Common Module: Text’s and human experiences

Module A: Language, identity and Culture

Module B: Close Study of Literature

Module C: The Craft of Writing

English Standard HSC Exams

Past papers are a great way to take what you have learnt and apply it to past exam questions. Have a go and always seek exemplar answers.

English standard HSC house on a snowy mountain.