Billy Elliot- Stephan Daldry

Theme: Community

Scene: “A disgrace to the gloves” 

Dialogue ‘Your a disgrace to them gloves, your father and the tradition to this boxing hall” Boxing teacher
Dialogue ‘This is man to man combat, not a bloody tea dance’
Symbolism MetaphorMid shot – Jackie watching him in boxing ring cage- Restrictions
Diegetic sound Ballet music whilst Billy is boxing- foreshadow + juxtaposes
Mis-en-scene Low angle of father behind the cage- father looking down and yelling at Billy from behind the cage- entrapment
Symbolic ParadoxRopes around boxing ring are coloured in American flag colours Juxtaposing liberation
CLOTHING Billy wears a white shirt and coloured ratty shorts
Body Language ForeshadowingBilly hides his face behind his hands. He receives a knockout blow which makes Billy fall to the ground opening his body language up.

Theme: Human Connection

Scene: “Private Lessons”

Dialogue ‘But please know that I was always there with you through everything and I always will be”
Mise-en-scene Billy’s silhouette in the centre of the foreground + Mrs Wilkinson’s figure, establishes the – secretive atmosphere
non-diegetic musicPeaceful music fades to accentuating the importance of the dialogue between Billy and Mrs Wilkinson talking about the letter from his mother; “But please know that I was always there with you through everything and I always will be … Always be yourself, I’ll love you forever”.
Dim lighting coupled with a Haze + foreshadowingMrs Wilkinson silhouette disperses when she begins to walk towards Billy thus showing the clarity that will arise as they become closer their relationship will begin to flourish.
Symbolism Once Billy and Mrs Wilkinsons sit down on boxing ring still divided by the rope. Billy opens a letter from his deceased Mum. Once the dance teacher finishes reading the letter the division between them disappears they dance together
Contrast Billy is secretly training for ballet school while in a hall his father urges him to do boxing in.
Non-diegetic soundThe clanking of chains in the background

Theme: Adversity

Scene: “The audition and What does it feel like to dance” 

Dialogue “What does it feel like when your dancing?” Lady judge
Anaphora It sorta feels good… I sorta stiffen up… I sorta feel like i’m flying like a bird…
Metaphor once I get goin I sorta forget everything… sorta disappear… sorta disappear… yeah, like electricity.
Diegetic music upbeat juxtaposed against his slow-paced breathing
Body Language Billy’s slow-paced breathing- unfamiliar environment
Panning shot Across the judge’s faces- startled and reluctantly impressed
Close up Damaged “Ballet slipper”.
non-diegetic piano musicSoft, Reflective tone
rack focus Billy – father blurred in the background.

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