Year 12 HSC Resources

Want unlimited access to free HSC resources for year 12 students? Check out the courses we have on offer below. Free video lessons, cheat sheets, study guides, exam style questions and study tips. Don’t leave your HSC success up for chance to decide. We provide access to some of the best science, mathematics and English resources specific for the HSC.

There’s a saying, the best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today. You want to start using our free HSC resources so you can get the best marks possible. Our secret is we finish all our online lessons use exam style questions. This was after we conducted a study to identify what separated the students who got an ATAR of greater then 97 from all the others. The results blew our minds. It wasn’t how many hours of study the students did. Nor was it their IQ or socioeconomic status. The biggest predictor for HSC exam success was the number of HSC style questions a student did and the quality of the answers they marked their questions with.

Looking back at my own success in the HSC (getting an ATAR of 97 and getting a band 6 in 7 units of science and 3 units of mathematics) I realise how many questions I did. What is more I always used the best answers I could get so I could check my answers.

It goes without saying, but make sure you only check the answers after you have attempted the questions and there is no use in doing questions unless you intend to check your answers afterwards.

Want more resources?

We would recommend using khan academy, however, use caution as it isn’t specific for the HSC.