Year 11 HSC Chemistry

The year 11 HSC Chemistry course builds you a solid foundation to excel in year 12. The secret to getting a band 6 in the chemistry HSC exam is to know and understand the fundamental concepts you will learn in year 11. We guarantee if you use our study formula, you will succeed in the HSC. Your friends will wonder how you became so effective with your time. How you began to top the class. Here’s the secret, it isn’t hard and you probably already know what you need to do.

Chemistry formula sheet


Learn the content – make sure you know and understand it – that is step one. Then do practice quizzes to find any gaps in your knowledge, we also provide these for you for free. Then finally, you want to master the concepts. To do this you should complete our past papers and module tests – all specific to the year 11 hsc chemistry course.


Sample internal exams

Year 11 Chemistry Sample Practical Assessment #1

Year 11 Chemistry Practical Exam #2

Sample End of Year Exam

Chemistry Preliminary Exam

Year 11 HSC chemistry course

External resources.

These resources should serve you well, however, not all the year 11 HSC chemistry content will be specifically covered in the Khan academy course – use caution.

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Thank you for visiting, we hope you go well in your year 11 HSC chemistry course!

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