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    • Digital courses that drive both academic and future success’
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Who said learning had to be boring? Or one-dimensional? Break free from the old school and step into the future. With Edzion AI Tutor, you’re not just studying; you’re pioneering a new age of learning.

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With Edzion AI Tutor, we’re not just providing you with expert-guidance and lessons 24/7; we’re crafting your academic dreams. Whether you aim for that Ivy League acceptance or mastering a new skill, see how we bridge the gap between now and your academic zenith.

Let’s build something great together.

Hurry! admissions are caped at 100 new Students each week

Best of all, the price you lock in now is the price it will always be. Even better, no lock in contract, cancel anytime.


Why do you want to make learning enjoyable?

In today’s hyper-connected world, notifications buzz non-stop, tabs keep multiplying, and every app vies for a slice of your attention. With so many competing interests, how can you possibly focus on the task at hand – especially if it’s something as crucial as learning?

In the clash between monotonous tasks and the siren call of distractions, there’s now a powerful ally on your side. By choosing a learning process that’s enjoyable, you’re not just equipping yourself with knowledge. You’re arming yourself with the desire to seek out that knowledge amidst a sea of diversions.

Seek clarity, crave learning, and let enjoyment be your guide through the chaos of today’s world. Equip yourself with the power of enjoyable learning – equip yourself with edzion premium – your secret weapon in the age of distraction.

Why is the AI tutor better then ChatGPT?

Our AI tutor uses a model that the general public do not have access to, so it is like ChatGPT but more powerful. Our AI tutor is HSC specific and built to teach you in an engaging and friendly way. The lessons are structured to firstly teach you the content. Give you an easy to remember summary followed by a hypothetical HS-style question. You are then able to answer this question and you will recieve feedback on how to improve your answer.

The feedback you recieve is focused towards making you more capable – with give you a ranking on the creativity of your answer, the clarity of your communication and the problem solving skills you employed to answer the question. We don’t just seek to instill knowledge but to give you skills that are translatable in the real world.

Why is it priced the way it is?

We provide you far more value then we charge you for. We do this for a couple reasons. To date we have grown so quickly because all our students love our product so much that they can’t help telling their friends and family about us. In fact we haven’t ever even spent a dollar on advertising. We reinvest what we make back into lessons. This way you have more lessons which will make your experience even better.

Additionally, I am an ultramarathon runner. In my first gruelling 100 km race I paid an entrance fee of $350. Next to me, for the first 60 km at least, was a friend I had made on race day. He told me he was a good friend to the race manager. As a result, the entrance fee was waived for him. But after 60 km, when the going really got tough, he dropped out… I finished the race in 28 hours and ended up second. But. After the race, my new friend confided in me his deep regret in dropping out. Had he of paid for admission he would have have had true skin in the game and actually finished the race.

I charge for Edzion premium because I want you to see this through to the end. I want you to enjoy learning. Paying a fee, even though it is small, will keep you on track to finish.

But why is it so important to enjoy learning?

Some habits are easier to start than others. We bet you can remember the first time you got hooked on social media. You know how you just had to use it for only 5 mins. The reason study isn’t like this for you is in the past it hasn’t been optimised for your enjoyment. We realised our students learn more, learn faster and become lifetime learners when we make it engaging. 

Why don’t you charge more?

Transparently, I’m creating this so more students go into science, medicine, engineering, and technology. The reason being I want you to become a divergent thinker and be excited about your future.

The price is to enhance the learning experience, not to be a barrier to it. If you can not afford the low monthly price, that helps us support you, no stress, you can email me personally, joshuasmills1@gmail.com and we can set you up an account for you.

What does Edzion premium give me access to?

Edzion premium will give you access past all of our paywalls. No questions asked. Enjoy the confidence knowing your answers are correct. 

What is the billing frequency?

We want you to be in control and for us to constantly try to make your learning more enjoyable. That’s why we bill monthly. Unlike other services or products that charge you a big fee up front without any guarantee you will like it. Instead we are so confident you will love our product we charge you each month – this way you can cancel anytime and only pay for what you need.

I get it Edzion has worked for others, but what if it doesn’t work for me?

We are so confident what we do will work for you because it has already worked for so many students in the past and present. In fact, we are offering a refundable policy within 14 days of you becoming an Edzi – we will refund the cost you paid in full. 

But why integrate world-class lessons with games?

Our mission is to make learning enjoyable. We know our approach is not common, but neither are our results.

Additionally, we found games increase engagement and student motivation to learn. In an age where lessons from traditional education struggles to compete against social media platforms, we knew complimentary education is needed more then ever.

Why sell direct to students rather than schools?

The truth is selling to schools would make us more money. But making money isn’t our mission, our mission is to make learning enjoyable. It is about inspiring more students. By not selling group access to schools, I am able to tailor the lessons to make students happy, not the bureaucratic system of traditional education. This way our offer of complimentary education strengthens the traditional education system. Allowing for student-centric learning with a greater focus on creativity and divergent thinking.

About the founder

Joshua Mills has a bachelor of Adv Science (medical science and medicinal chemistry) from USYD. He founded Edzion.com in 2019 – an online complimentary education company to support and inspire high school science students. Currently he’s undertaking higher degree research, working in a team on a therapeutic to treat children’s bone cancer. In his spare time, he runs ultra-marathons.

If you are not completly satisified with your purchase, we will offer you a full refund, where appropriate.