Digital Strategy and Innovation Program

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Transform into a Digital Product Strategist

Unlock the world of digital product creation, monetization, and distribution with Edzion’s cutting-edge curriculum. Our program is meticulously crafted to guide you on the journey to becoming a digital product strategist. Learn to identify problems worth solving, create impactful digital solutions, monetize them effectively, and distribute them at scale.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Expert-Led Workshops: Our workshops are led by industry professionals who practice what they preach, ensuring real-world relevance and applicability.
  • Machine Learning Integration: A unique feature of our program, machine learning is woven throughout the curriculum, enhancing your learning experience and providing a practical sandbox for experimentation.
  • Focus on Personal Growth: We emphasize professional development for your benefit, not for appearances.

Course Modules

Building Products: Crafting Solutions

  • Digital Espionage: Master the art of uncovering problems customers would pay to have you solve.
  • Internet Sociology: Dive into network effects and learn to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.
  • No-Code Movement: Learn how to construct AI-powered websites without deep coding knowledge.

Product Financing: Navigating the Financial Maze

  • Digital Economics: Explore the intricacies of internet-based economies.
  • Exploiting Psychology: Delve into the psychological aspects of user engagement and retention.
  • Tiers of Entrepreneurship: Understand the different layers of digital entrepreneurship, from platforms to brands.

Distribution: Scaling Your Product

  • Boom or Bust: Strategies for building scalable digital products – why you can be small or large but not in the middle.
  • Guerilla Marketing: Learn innovative marketing tactics ranging from direct response to brand development.
  • Leadership: Develop skills to assemble and lead a top-tier team.

Exclusive Enrollment: Join the Elite

Limited Seats Available:

  • Selective Admission: We offer limited spots to maintain a high-quality, personalized learning experience. This selective process ensures that you learn alongside equally ambitious peers.
  • Elite Networking Opportunities: As part of our exclusive cohort, you’ll connect with industry leaders, experienced strategists, and fellow visionaries.
  • Tailored Mentorship: Benefit from one-on-one mentorship sessions with our expert instructors and industry professionals.

Entry is considered by intellectual and innate ability not based on previous achievments.

Open-Access Accreditation: A New Era in Education

Redefining Learning Standards:

  • Open-Access Accreditation: Unlike traditional universities, our accreditation is open-access, ensuring transparency and credibility in what you learn.
  • Confidence in Practical Skills: We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our curriculum that we make our accreditation standards public. What we teach will help you improve and excel.
  • Complimentary education: Forget the internet workshops that don’t teach you what they claim to teach, this is complimentary education. We challenge the status quo, focusing on practical, real-world skills whilst equiping you with theoretical knowledge to give you a framework for thinking.

Your Next Step to Digital Mastery

Ready to be part of an elite group of digital product strategists? Apply now for a chance to join our exclusive program. Spaces are limited – secure your spot and become a pioneer in the digital world with Edzion.