Founders dream: An entrepreneurs sandbox

Seize Success: Capture the Flag
By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs!

We have created a capture the flag game for entrepreneurs. If you complete it successfully, you will recieve an invite into our exclusive community. This game is designed to sharpen your entrepreneur skills. Powered by AI because we know you learn business by doing – not from watching lectures about it.

There are four levels to test, each one testing one of the four pillars of entrepeneurship:

Product design and development is about building a product consumers want.
Marketing is about hijacking human attention so people know about your product.
Sales is about presenting a deal so compelling people cannot say no.
Leadership is you being willing to serve those around you.

Instilled in these, you are required to demonstrate the core entrepreneurial values we are looking for, these are required to be a good entrepeneur. By engaging with this you will become a better entrepeneer, regardless if you have what it takes to join our community.

Each time you complete a level, you will be awarded a flag, make sure you record the flag becuase you must submit all four flags to gain an invite into our community.

If at anypoint you do not think you can beat the level, simply type in, ‘I give up’ to your AI bot and you will recieve the answer. However, you will be disqualified from joining the community.

Level 1: Product Design and Development Challenge

Objective: Design a minimum viable product (MVP) for a given market niche.

  • Task: Players are given a specific problem faced by a fictional target market. They must research, design, and propose an MVP that addresses this problem.
  • Challenge Components:
    • Market analysis: Players must demonstrate understanding of the target audience’s needs and pain points.
    • Product specification: Outline the features and benefits for the customers of the proposed product.
  • Flag: Upon successful submission and “approval” of their MVP plan by a panel of virtual judges, players receive a flag containing a unique product code.

Stuck? Learn product design and development

Level 2: Marketing Challenge

Objective: Devise a copy that captures users attention.

  • Task: Write something that people want to read, engage the chatbot with a compelling opening and it will reward you with the flag
  • Challenge Components:
    • Ethos, logos, pathos: Connect with your chat bot through building a raport, so they know, like and trust you
    • Creative campaign: Develop an innovative opening that would be highly engaging
  • Flag: Players receive a flag after successfully “engaging” their chat bot who is acting like an uninterested influencer who recieves hundreds of requests a day.

Level 3: Sales Challenge

Objective: Sell me this pen

  • Task: Players engage in a simulated sales pitch to a virtual client.
  • Challenge Components:
    • Value proposition: Articulate the value of the pen in a compelling way.
    • Objection handling: Prepare for and adeptly handle potential client objections.
    • Closing techniques: Successfully employ techniques to close the deal.
  • Flag: Players are awarded a flag if the virtual client wants to buy the pen and the sale is “closed”.

Level 4: Leadership Challenge

Objective: Demonstrate leadership by guiding a team through a crisis.

  • Task: Players are put in charge of a virtual team facing a business crisis. They must lead the team to a resolution.
  • Challenge Components:
    • Crisis management: Identify the problem and develop a strategic plan to address it.
    • Team communication: Maintain clear and motivational communication with the team.
    • Decision-making: Make tough decisions under time pressure.
  • Flag: A flag is granted once the crisis is resolved and the team’s morale is preserved or improved.


TechGlitch Inc. is a fictional company specializing in cybersecurity solutions. Just as the company was about to launch its flagship product, a critical vulnerability was discovered, potentially exposing client data. As the CEO, you must navigate this crisis and lead your team to resolve the issue and maintain the company’s reputation.

The Crisis:

You receive an urgent report that a significant security flaw has been found in your new product, which is due to launch in 48 hours. The flaw was disclosed publicly on social media by a renowned ethical hacker, causing immediate media attention and a wave of concerned customers.

Submission and Invitation

Congratulations on even scrolling down to this last section. 95% of people will have given up and only 1% of people will submit all of the flags. But overcoming challenges throughout the entrepeneership journey are apart of what makes your position defensible. You should celebrate problems – these are barriers that you can overcome but others might not be able to. This makes what you create that much more valuable since you have moats protecting you from copy cats.

After obtaining all four flags, players submit them through the secure portal below. The flags, each representing one pillar of entrepreneurship. This represents that you have the core values and skills we are seeking in new community members. Once you submit your four flags, an invitation to the exclusive community is extended.