HSC Physics Free Interactive Textbook

The year 12 HSC Physics course pushes you to think like a physicist. Use our learn section so you know and understand the course content. Then use our question banks and past papers so you can excel at the physics HSC exam.

Question Banks.


How to get a high ATAR

Module 7: The nature of light

Module 8: Universe 2 Atom

  • Origins of the Element
  • Structure of the Atom
  • Quantum Mechanical Nature of the Atom
  • Properties of the Nucleus
  • Deep inside the Atom

Study Resources.

Flash Cards

  • Module 5: Advanced mechanics
  • Module 6: Electromagnetism
  • Module 7: The nature of light
  • Module 8: Universe 2 atom

Interactive Quiz

Module Exams.

Working Scientifically

Trials/ HSC style Exams

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External Resources.

Great resources, only problem is they aren’t specific to the HSC physics.

Year 12 Physics Term 1 homework, archive

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