Year 11 HSC Biology Textbook

Year 11 HSC Biology is composed of four modules which take you through seeing biology at the cellular level, organ level, organism level and finally at the ecosystem level. It is about learning to zoom in and out of these levels when thinking in a biological way. NESA designed the syllabus to follow this flow.

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Year 11 HSC Biology Course Content

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Is the HSC Biology Hard?

Module 1: Cells as the basis of life

Module 2: Organisation of living things

Module 3: Biological diversity

Module 4: Ecosystem dynamics

Year 11 HSC biology cells stained image


Year 11 HSC Biology Study Resources

Our advice to do well is to first learn the content in our learn section, then put what we have taught you to the test in our master section. Following this, check your answers and go back to the learn section. Identify your areas of weakness. This is the most important part – don’t assume you get things right, know you got them right. From here you can go back to our learn section. Focus on understanding what you missed previously so you don’t make the same mistakes on exam day. Good luck and we hope our resources have been valuable for you.

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These aren’t specific to the HSC biology year 11 syllabus, however, there is some useful information here.

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