Human Circulatory System



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Heart Health and Aging | National Institute on Aging
What is the relationship between the structure and function of arteries,  capillaries, and veins? | Socratic


Question 1.

Outline the flow of blood, through the circulatory system.

Question 2.

Explain how the arteries help the heart to push blood around the body.

Question 3.

What would you expect to happen if you were sitting down for a long period of time, not moving. Think of the blood in your veins and what is required to move it around.

Question 4.

What would you expect to happen if there was a hole in the septum of the heart? Could you live with this?

Question 5.

Predict whether you could survive if the pulmonary artery went via the lunges to the superior and inferior vena cava and the aorta went to the body and back to the pulmonary vein. Explain your reasoning.

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