Year 12 Biology Trial Paper


Question 1.

Which of the following is an example of an infectious disease

  • a)Malaria caused by bacteria
  • b)Covid-19 caused by a missense mutation
  • c) Chicken Pox caused by a virus
  • d) Haemophilia caused by a gene mutation

Question 2.

Asexual reproduction in plants involves

  • a) Pollination due to pollen dispersal into wind 
  • b) Pollination due to pollen dispersal through pollinators 
  • c) The growth of ribosomes
  • d) The genetic technology of tissue culture to grow disease-free plants

Short answer questions.

Question 21.

Compare and contrast internal fertilisation and external fertilisation [6 marks]

Question 22.

Evaluate the significance of models for communication of scientific concepts, using an example. [6 marks]

Question 23.

E. Colli is a single-celled bacteria.

  1. Bacteria reproduce through a process known as binary fission, what effect does this have on the genetic diversity of subsequent generations. [1 mark]
  2. Devise an experimental procedure to determine the effectiveness of varying temperatures on E. Colli growth rates. [4 marks]

Question 24.

a) Evaluate Pasteur’s contribution to our modern understanding of infectious diseases. [6 marks]

b) A new disease has started to infect cows at a farm.

i) Explain how you could determine whether the disease is infectious for humans [3 marks]

ii) Explain a protocol that could be used to limit the spread, if the disease is found to be pathogenic. [3 marks]

Question 25.

Evaluate whether transgenic species should be used for agricultural purposes, using examples in your answer. [6 marks]


  1. c
  2. d


Example & definitionHuman – internalSalmon – external2 marks for an example of each
SimilaritiesCombination of parents genetic information, biodiversityContinuation of the species2 marks for 2 similarities
DifferenceMaternal skills better for internalThe survival rate is higher for internalFewer offsprings for internalMore likely to occur in an aqueous environment for externallyTiming dependent more so for external2 marks for 2 differences


Define what a model is1
Mention a model used in biology, such as pasteur’s swan neck flask model experiment1
Identify two benefits e.gEasily and effectively communicate ideasTest out hypothesis, to determine whether you are missing something2
Identify two riskse.gOften times is an oversimplification of the real phenomena, missing crucial elementsCan contain misconceptions or errors.2


  • Swan neck flask experiment: Sterilized growth medium, spoilage occurred for swan neck flask that was open to microbes in the air, but not the one open to the air but closed to microbes.
  • Disproved the theory of spontaneous generation 
  • Provided evidence to support the germ of disease
  • Preserve food, wine & later applied to milk through process of pasteurization
  • He provided the first vaccine against rabies and anthrax
  • Silkworm egg preservation technique, saving silkworm indystry
  • Experimental design

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