Year 12 physics Pop Quiz


Question 1.

Explain what limits the maximum torque a DC motor can produce. [3 marks]

Question 2.

Explain and contrast the movement of a moving and stationary charged particle through a magnetic field and an electric field, use equations in your explanation. [5 marks]

Question 3.

A projectile is fired 30 degrees from the horizontal on level ground, it’s time of flight is 30 seconds. What is the peak height of the verticle? [3 marks] (Target band 5 & 6)

Question 4.

While you are chilling on the beach at the equator, you realize you miss physics. As this thought arises the ocean calms down and the top of the sun just dips below the horizon. You start your stop watch when this happens and stand up, your eyes now 1.70 m higher then they were before. The sun takes 11.1 seconds before the top of the sun again dips below the horizon. What is the radius of the earth? [Extension]


Question 1.

Question 2.

Question 3.

1102.5 m

Question 4.

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