Using STEEL in your body paragraphs

The purpose of your body paragraphs in an essay is to prove your thesis statement. You should use the idea’s from STEEL, but take this a little further to make your writing more sophisticated, controlled and to make your essay more persuasive.

The STEEL Structure is as follows:

  • Statement: A statement which is a subset of your main thesis
  • Technique: A technique which you can use to prove this statement
  • Example: An example from your text which contains your technique
  • Effect: The effect this technique has in supporting your statment and the wider effect on supporting your thesis statement
  • mini Link to your statement
  • Repeat the TEE & mini link structure another 2-3 times.
  • Link: The final link is linking your statement to your thesis

Some tricks to make your body paragraphs more sophisticated:

  1. Imbed your techniques

Instead of writing, “this metaphor demonstrates… “, write, “this metaphorically demonstrates”

2. Make your effect flow from one to the other

3. Couple techniques together for stronger effect.

“The melancholy diegetic noise coupled with the dejected body language potrays…”

4. Don’t tell the marker about what happens in the text, they want to hear the effect specific examples have in proving your thesis.

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