HSC Titration Questions

After this less you will know:

  • Purpose of titrations
  • Principle of titrations
  • Analytical techniques
  • Understanding indicators
  • Setting out a titration calculation


Memory Sticker


Make your learning stick. What you need to know about pH indicators so you can chose the end point which matches the equivalence point. Critical knowledge I wouldn’t enter an exam without. Perfect for students looking to get ahead through our study stickers, put this sticker somewhere you walk past every day and reap the benefits of frequent revision without needing to work as hard.

Foundation Questions

Exam Style Questions

Past HSC Questions

Question 6. (2018 HSC Chemistry)

Question 7 (2017 HSC Chemistry MC5)

Question 8. (2017 HSC Chemistry Q25)

Question 9. (2016 HSC chemistry MC10)

Question 10. (2016 HSC chemistry Q29)


Foundation Questions

Exam Style Questions

Past HSC Questions

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