Module 5: Heredity, Interactive Quiz 1

In this quiz you will get 5 minutes to complete 5 questions. These questions relate to biology module 5: Heredity.

Alternatively, have a read through and try these questions before you try the interactive quiz.

Warm-up Quiz

Question 1.

Question 2.

Question 3.

Question 4.

Question 5.


  1. b) b is correct, a applies for meiosis – not mitosis – the DNA should be copied without changes in mitosis, c is mitosis and d is false.
  2. c) c is correct, a there is greater parental care for offspring produced sexually, b asexual reproduction results in less genetic variation, d is false
  3. b) This applies for RNA not DNA
  4. c) Protein can’t be transformed into RNA. DNA is transcripted into RNA and translated into protein.
  5. d) The child either has the disease or is a carrier for the disease

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