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Question 1.

Find the area of the blue shaded region:

a) [5 marks]

b) [4 marks]

Question 2.


Find the area of the blue in the square which has a perimeter of 28 cm [3 marks]


Find the perimeter of the blue shape [5 marks]

Question 3.

Two cubes of side length 12 cm and 3 cm are stuck together, find the surface area of the two boxes when they are combined as seen below.

Question 4.


If a 12 m ladder has to be at least 2 m from the wall to work, what is the maximum height from the top of the ladder can it be from the ground?


What angle will the ladder make with the ground?


1a) 24.32 cm2

1b) 26.75 cm2

2a) 12.25 cm2

b) 16.5 cm

3a) 900 cm2

4a) 11.83 m

b) 9.6 degrees

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